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Digga D brings fresh energy to a classic with 'Pump 101'

Digga D had a breakout year in 2021 with his mixtape Made in the Pyrex spawning many memorable moments. His latest, Pump 101, features blazing bars from Liverpool driller Still Brickin and an unmistakable party atmosphere on account of its roots in a G-Unit banger and its sun-soaked video.

Sampling Stunt 101 means that this track turns away from the trap-style beats that underpin the rhythms of drill, favouring a feel-good retro hip hop groove (with production from AaronOrAge). Make no mistake though, Digga D and Still Brickin bring fresh energy and flow to Pump 101.

One of the most exciting features of Pump 101 is the different styles that Digga D and featured artist Still Brickin bring to their verses. Digga D leaves ample pockets for the bass line to hit you, cutting across bars with rapid-fire lines, an echo of 50 Cent's flow in Stunt 101.

Pump 101 is out now. Check out the video below:

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