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Celina Sharma is on a wave ...

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Celina Sharma is on the crest of a wave.

Debut EP 'CECE' is out now, and it follows the phenomenon that was her breakout single 'Lean On'.

Going double platinum, it espouses her sound, rooted in synthesis and collaboration, bringing different voices together while highlighting her own.

Personally approached to soundtrack incoming Marvel blockbuster Eternals, she's someone who has the world at her feet.

As she puts it: “I’m proud to be a young woman embracing and representing my roots, blending Indian sounds with Western beats...”

New single 'Lights Down' is a cross-continental banger, with Celina Sharma operating alongside afrobeats kingpin Stonebeoy and the mighty London artist Ivorian Doll.

An explosive return, the energy-packed club burner seems to highlight the excitement that surrounds this rising force.

We're able to bring you the visuals, and they seem to present an icon coming into being - check out 'Lights Down' below.

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